Stone Brewing Company Store

June 24th, 2011  |  Published in Culinary Artisans, Drink, Feature

Last night was the official grand opening of the new Stone Company Store in South Park. So I figured being in the neighborhood I’d see what it was all about. First I went to the actual store in the Rose Grocery Building (2215 30th Street). While waiting in line one of the employees mentioned that the “Party is not here, it’s at the surrounding businesses”. Each of the businesses listed had pairing specials and/or limited edition beers from Stone.

So with my new found knowledge I wandered around the corner to The Station. Nobody there – so I moved on to The Whistle Stop. Come to think of it I didn’t make it much outside of that block last night. I blame the Imperial Russian Stout pictured below. At 10.55% ALC/Vol it hit my empty stomach hard. And like Stalin before, there was no sign of retreat so I had to get food. For this I went to Vagabond. Fortunately they had a fish and chips special, unfortunately it came with more beer, a pint of Highway 78 Scotch Ale. I say unfortunately jokingly because I couldn’t imagine a better pairing. Hell it was so good I had another. The only downfall for me was the lack of malted vinegar but it’s not a British pub so I let it slide.

After my dinner Greg Koch (CEO and Co-Founder of Stone) happened to pop in and say hello to the crew. We chatted about, wait for it … beer. More accurately beer, Fritz Maytag and a brewery that Stone might be opening in Bruges Belgium.

Chad Thompson

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