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September 22nd, 2011  |  Published in Culinary Artisans, Feature, Recipes

Let me start off by saying one thing. I don’t like mustard. There I said it. Or at least I didn’t until yesterday.

Enter SoNo Trading Company’s James and Zach. They do one thing and they do it well—Mustard. Well, two things if you count each variety of mustard they make. Anyway, my experience with mustard has always been that of the bright yellow served on a Home Depot hot dog variety. And only because I forgot to ask them to hold it. SoNo Trading is anything but that cursed neon slime, It’s an honest golden hue on created from the actual tones of the mustard seeds, not yellow #5. In other words, all natural – all the time. And I was happy to photograph this delightful condiment. In fact, I was so happy I planned my evening meal around the Hong Kong Habanero.

You should try this:

Take a kielbasa and throw it on the grill. Squeeze one lime over it and let that side cook. Once blackened flip it over and repeat with a new lime. When it’s all done cut into small rounds and place them on top of Wisecrackers or similar thin cracker. Then spread the mustard on the meat and top with the sharpest damn cheddar you can find.

Grab some SoNo mustard and give it a try. Hell I was converted, you may just be too.

Chad Thompson

I’ve been alive for roughly 37 years now and have been shooting things for about 30 of them. When I was about 5 years old I had a slingshot. That worked out about as well as you can imagine. I was happily targeting cans when a small bird landed near where I was aiming. Not shooting with particularly rounded rocks proved the end of the bird as the projectile veered tragically off course. These days I have honed my accuracy and changed my weapon. Chad Thompson is a food photographer in San Diego, California.

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