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April 19th, 2012  |  Published in Culinary Creative, Dive Deep for Deliciousness, Eat  |  12 Comments

For a long time I was pretty jazzed with making cupcakes from a box mix and the addition of a dollap of sour cream, and calling it made from scratch.  Those days may not be 100% over, but tasting Jenny Wenny Cakes definitely opened my eyes to how a real cupcake should taste.  I’ve been smitten with her baking ever since a bunch of fellow food bloggers raved about her sweet concoctions. When I asked Jenny to tell me a few of her secrets, she immediately raved about the benefits of using fresh eggs.  She buys hers from Schaner Farms.  You’ve probably heard the expression that baking is a science?  Well, the lovely Jenny was first a Chemist, before venturing into her own catering business.  I think that’s the real hidden secret to her deliciousness.

Jenny Johnson

I’m Jenny and I currently reside in San Diego, California. I’m originally from southern Ohio, so my culinary style is Midwest by stock and Southern Cali by flavor. I’m a freelance food writer and also author a dessert blog/website that guarantees to take readers on a crazy, wild ride of classic desserts with a twisted, modern edge made much easier. I may teeter between PG13 and Rated R, but I will always leave room for the imagination. Stop by and say “Hi” at

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  • Thanks Jenny!  And Jenny!  Hugs to you both… I’m eager to try some of those cupcakes… I know a certain almost 13 year old girl who would love them.

    • Kim-  Big hugs to you!  Thank you sooo much for stopping by Culinary Creatives.  Hope to see you soon.  🙂

  • Gary

    Thanks for letting us know about this delicious local baker.  Cupcakes are the ultimate dessert.  Perfect size, no utensils needed and great as a snack or dessert.  So nice to find about a local baker using the freshest ingredients.

    • Thanks Gary!  She’s motivated me to bake from scratch a little more often.  Have a great weekend and thanks for always stopping by CC.  🙂

  • Joyce

    Just love how you know about these special places in San Diego.  I’m a SD native and don’t know half of the places that you do!  Jenny’s creations are amazing…almost too pretty to eat!  Noticed I said “almost”…will have to give her cupcakes a try for the next special occasion.

    • Joyce-  Well you just made my day.  We need to go on a lunch safari sometime soon.  I’ll take you to a couple of my favorite gems.  Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  • Snehal

    Great review. I still can’t get over how amazing her mocha cupcake was at the last bake sale. It was to die for!

    • Thanks Snehal!  I couldn’t agree more!  She’s the bomb.  🙂

  • Suzanne

    Jenny and Jenny – my 2 favorite Sweet Geniuses from San Diego

    • Suzanne-  Such a small world.  I’ll have to mention this to Miss Jenny!

  • Linda

    Those little tarts look yummmmeeeee.  Only wish they were local for me!!  Hugs to you!