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January 14th, 2012  |  Published in Culinary Artisans, Culinary Creative, Eat, Feature  |  7 Comments

Salt. Glorious salt.

Since the beginning of time … well, maybe not that early, but certainly as far back as 6,000 BC, salt has been an integral part of human history.  For me, I’ve really only come to know salt in my adult life.  As a child it was something that sat on the table (all tables, everywhere you went) and people sprinkled it indiscriminately on most every savory dish that was placed in front of them.

In my home today you won’t even find a salt shaker. Nothing is more insulting to me than someone who salts their food before they even taste it.  That’s not to say that we are a salt-free household, quite the opposite, we have more salt than most gourmet food stores. In fact, last count, we had 41 different kinds of salt and salt flavors from all over the world, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered The Salt Farm.San Diego Salt Farm, Culinary Creative Review

The truth is, salt is underrated.  I love it when someone asks me why we have so many salts – it gives me the opportunity to pull out five of my favorites and do a tasting—the look on someone’s face when they taste a high-quality sea salt compared to Morton’s table salt is, well, priceless.  And yes, salt can be pricey, but it should be used sparingly to enhance flavor, as opposed to actually being the flavor. I have a salt for every purpose.

I love deviled eggs with an apple-wood smoked sea salt to finish—crazy good. And if you haven’t tried the fall-down good margaritas with black sea-salt on the rim at Alchemy restaurant you’re in for a real treat.

Salt comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. I’m delighted that we San Diegan’s have our very own team of salt aficianados at the Salt Farm who concoct a mean selection of sea salt blends and infused flavors like their Ethiopian Curry blend that is absolutely fantastic on air-popped corn (with a little soy butter and a generous amount of nutritional yeast). Yum.

If you haven’t yet stopped by to visit the Salt Farm at any one of their Farmer’s Market locations, I highly recommend it!  They’ll let you taste any of their salts and they sell smaller portions for those who fear commitment. I recommend the black truffle (also fantastic on popcorn), ghost pepper (for the spice lover in you), applewood bacon (great on eggs), and bruschetta as a nice way to finish off your home-made salad dressing.

Salt is found in great books, movies and throughout American colloquialism: salt of the earth, worth your weight in salt … I’m excited to see that it’s finding its way back into the kitchen with a flair that rivals any Bollywood film.


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  • Nice! Gotta check that place. Thanks for the post.

  • tsalibarn

    Thanks for turning me on to so many different kinds of salts! Usually I've only asked for salt with a margarita, but thanks to you, I am a discriminate salt buyer. I am even using them in my bath, now~

  • That's so true – I forgot to mention bath salts. Not so appetizing, but very luxurious. Have you tried the popcorn? The perfect healthy treat (try not to spill it in the tub though).

  • Brendan

    Nice to see the Salt Farm getting some recognition here. I'm currently staring at their #20 and #34 and wondering what I should use them for next. It's amazing how many quality salts actually exist; you nailed it when you wrote "salt is underrated."

    • Hi Brendan – I sprinkle #20 (Ethiopian Curry) on my popcorn (I think Tonya over at the Salt Farm gave me that tip. It's delightful. Let me know what you come up with for #34 (Ginger Sesame sounds awesome).

  • Wow! Jeniffer, thank you so much for such kind words! I love salt fans, even more if you’re a Salt Farm fan! 😉

    Thank you!!!


    • Hi Tonya! Thanks for coming over to Culinary Creative – we love everything you do!!