Fallbrook Coffee Company Offers A Reprieve

January 18th, 2012  |  Published in Culinary Creative, Drink, Feature  |  2 Comments

In a time of media addiction, of being constantly connected yet always distracted, Fallbrook Coffee Company offers a much needed reprieve.  Fallbrook Coffee Company is a small unassuming house converted into a cozy gathering place for gourmet sandwiches and hand brewed coffee, teas and sweets.  Tucked away off of Mission Blvd. in Fallbrook, next to a fertilizer and feed store, it’s an unlikely spot for a culinary oasis.

Fallbrook Coffee CompanyThe baristas are a friendly group.  The minute you walk in the doors, you feel  like you are walking through the doors of a good friend’s home. They smile and let you know you are welcome.

The warm deep jewel tones of the walls, mismatched furniture in the ‘living room’  add charm and warmth.  The small town feel of North County’s country jewel beckons you to come, sit down and stay awhile.

Fallbrook Coffee Company is the antithesis of Starbucks.  The coffee is just as good, but it lacks the sterility of cookie cutter chains.  The urban hipsters-cool and distracted by their laptops and phones and public sense of self-importance are replaced by locals who are reconnecting with friends and wearing North Face instead of Hollister, who make eye contact with their neighbors rather than chat with friends via Skype.  The whine of battery packs and the clicking of keyboard keys are replaced by a calming low pitched rumble of conversation and the lilting cadence of genuine laughter. Patrons actually look up when others enter. You are greeted with a smile and a wave and treated like a local. The gourmet sandwiches, paninis and salads are a treat—as are the homemade sweets that go with a mid-day pick me up of your  favorite caffeinated drink. They offer a full coffee and tea bar with knowledgeable and friendly baristas.  Two patios, a fire pit, and water pond with koi add to the cozy ambiance.

Fallbrook Coffee Company is a great place to start or end a day of hiking through the hills of North County’s back country. Hike Santa Margarita River trail, or Monsarate Mountain. Whatever your plans are while exploring the back country of North San Diego county, make sure you let Fallbrook Cofee Company be a part of your day.

622 South Mission Road Fallbrook, CA 92028
(760) 728-6000


Tonya Saliba

Tonya Saliba has made her home in the Dakotas, Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest and Southern California. She now calls north San Diego County home. She is a mom to two boys, two dogs, three chickens and two fish, is a wife and Registered Nurse. Read all about her backyard barnyard on her column "Suburban Chicken,"as well as her culinary discoveries as she hikes and meanders through San Diego's backcountry.

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  • Great article Tonya! Sounds like the perfect place for a relaxing Saturday!

  • Great pic and article Tonya! Next time I'm in Fallbrook, I definitely want to try it out. Sounds absolutely wonderful. 🙂