Dive Deep for Deliciousness [Miramar Speed Circuit]

November 4th, 2011  |  Published in Dive Deep for Deliciousness, Feature  |  16 Comments

I approach my vittles the same way I approach my never ending “where did you find that” wardrobe;  I dive deep people, I dive really deep.  That perfect vintage dress was probably from a friend of a friend’s online shop in Minnesota or snatched up at the most unassuming yard sale.  I learned to dive deep for deliciousness from my parents.  One summer we dined on champagne sorbet at the Beverly Hilton and the following week, we were back home in Appalachia eating chicken fried steak at the YMCA’s cafeteria.  So when I found the most succulent pulled rotisserie chicken sammie at a race track hidden in a section of San Diego’s Corporate Concrete America, I was a sparkly kind of happy.  Miramar Speed Circuit’s indoor track with Honda engined karts and a killer deli redefine 7-minutes in heaven.  My personal fave is the Monaco; fresh french baguette, secret seasoned hot pulled rotisserie chicken, homemade pesto, melted cheese and ran through the garden.  When I asked how they came up with such a gem, I was told the menu was originally created years ago by the masterminds that have since moved on to San Diego’s St. Tropez and Authentic Flavors catering. That pretty much explained everything.  Now go let off some steam and have the best unassuming sammie in San Diego; just don’t underestimate the gal racing next to you in a fine pair of vintage sunglasses and piled high red hair.

Jenny Johnson

I’m Jenny and I currently reside in San Diego, California. I’m originally from southern Ohio, so my culinary style is Midwest by stock and Southern Cali by flavor. I’m a freelance food writer and also author a dessert blog/website that guarantees to take readers on a crazy, wild ride of classic desserts with a twisted, modern edge made much easier. I may teeter between PG13 and Rated R, but I will always leave room for the imagination. Stop by and say “Hi” at www.VintageSugarcube.com

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  • obeychad

    Count me in. Food and racing – any beer? I'd imagine not but two out of three ain't bad.

  • http://www.vintagesugarcube.com Jenny

    I don't think so, but that would be the holy trinity of a combo.

  • Susan

    Now that sounds like some good old fashioned fun!!

    • http://www.vintagesugarcube.com Jenny

      The best kind of fun!! :)

  • tsalibarn

    It's the most unassuming of places that serve the most flavorful plates of AWESOME. Sometimes you just need to undress the FANCY to get down to the real goodness. I'm going to have to take my non-fancy boys to the races!!

    • http://www.vintagesugarcube.com Jenny

      Tonya – I couldn't agree more. Your boys are going to think your the coolest!! :)

  • Gary

    This is a great tip about Miramar! I thought there were only fast food joints in that area, but thanks to you, I know where I am headed the next time I am on Miramar Road. Nothing better than a fresh chicken sammie.

    • http://www.vintagesugarcube.com Jenny

      Gary- I hope you try one. You'll LOVE it!

  • June

    Fun! Thanks for the tip on the food, I didn't even think of trying their food the first time I went, assuming it was better suited for the kids' birthday parties. I'll give it a shot now!

  • http://www.vintagesugarcube.com Jenny

    June – Try it girl. Sooooo good!

  • Carmen

    Does Sammy mean Sandwich???

    • obeychad

      Yep it does. I don't know when the hell that happened – but I figure there are bigger linguistic battles to fight.

  • JennB

    That sammie is great!! I ordered the same thing, loved it. A nice cold draft would have been AWESOME
    thanks jenny great review.

  • http://www.vintagesugarcube.com Jenny

    Jenn- I couldn't agree more. An iceeeeee brew would have been perrrfect!

  • Meenal

    Love it! Wish I was there to try it out!!

  • http://www.vintagesugarcube.com Jenny

    Meenal- Come and visit.. A chicken sammie and a race around the track with you? Priceless…