Bring me my fighting trousers!

March 2nd, 2012  |  Published in Feature, Laugh  |  9 Comments

Note found inside our office door

Note found on the office floor


Hello Concerned Neighbor Kevin,

The note you left at my office no doubt intended to “enlighten” me of the horrors of eating meat and the mistreatment of animals, I have to say gave me a good chuckle. Especially the “untold suffering” and “no laughing matter” parts. You see, I grew up in Iowa and this is not even relatively new news to me, having seen the rise of factory farming first hand and farmer’s be paid by the Federal Government to not grow corn or soybeans I have a more acute awareness than most people of how industrial farming works.

even vegetarians love bacon tee shirtWhat I don’t understand is your need to inflict your vegan lifestyle on me. And I’m almost positive you’re vegan (since we’re both making assumptions). We all must choose our battles and I choose to eat meat and you chose not to. That being said – I’m not a total bastard, I do try to source food locally from humane sources, I compost, I have a worm bin, I grow my own vegetables and herbs, and I plan on getting chickens. Also, did you know about the recent scourge of wild boar running amok in eastern San Diego County? I plan on getting some tags and harvesting some of those too.

So in conclusion, I know exactly what I’m doing. Eating any lower on the food chain is just not really on my radar and I think we have more important problems to conquer as a race.

FWIW – my t-shirts, that you find offensive, were a direct response to studies that call bacon the gateway meat.

• Why bacon is a gateway meat for vegetarians

• A high fat breakfast of bacon and eggs may be the healthiest start to the day

And if you want the offensive T-shirt: You can buy Even Vegetarians Love Bacon T-shirts available in our store. Available in men’s and women’s, and an assortment of colors.

Chad Thompson

I’ve been alive for roughly 37 years now and have been shooting things for about 30 of them. When I was about 5 years old I had a slingshot. That worked out about as well as you can imagine. I was happily targeting cans when a small bird landed near where I was aiming. Not shooting with particularly rounded rocks proved the end of the bird as the projectile veered tragically off course. These days I have honed my accuracy and changed my weapon. Chad Thompson is a food photographer in San Diego, California.

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  • Tim Jackson

    I love you man!

  • Mmmmm … bacon.

  • Joanne Sherif

    Bacon is the new black…only tastier.

  • So true Joanne – any bacon infused bread in the works?

  • dan Thompson

    I had bacon this morning and will tomorrow and you know me Chad , I also got a steak thawing.

    • For the most part, bacon is better there than here. I miss that Amana colonies peppered bacon. Maple is a bit sweet for me but still good. The house stuff at Iowa Meat Farms here in San Diego is good but not that good.

  • Great post Chad! And when you and Jeniffer score a boar, please have me over, I'll bring dessert. 🙂