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Tonya Saliba has made her home in the Dakotas, Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest and Southern California. She now calls north San Diego County home. She is a mom to two boys, two dogs, three chickens and two fish, is a wife and Registered Nurse. Read all about her backyard barnyard on her column "Suburban Chicken,"as well as her culinary discoveries as she hikes and meanders through San Diego's backcountry.



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Fallbrook Coffee Company Offers A Reprieve

In a time of media addiction, of being constantly connected yet always distracted, Fallbrook Coffee Company offers a much needed reprieve.  Fallbrook Coffee Company is a small unassuming house converted into a cozy gathering place for gourmet sandwiches and hand brewed coffee, teas and sweets.  Tucked away off of Mission Blvd. in Fallbrook, next to […]

The Curbside Cafe

The Curbside Cafe If you’re looking for a healthy quiet meal, the Curbside Cafe might not be for you. But if you are looking for a place to bring you back to childhood memories of home cooked meals and to convene with friends, plan on staying a while. The Curbside Cafe has been a Vista, […]

Bye-Bye Birdie—a Suburan Chicken Story

Our three baby chicks were a ‘welcome to summer’ gift for my boys on the last day of school. We needed something worthwhile to keep us occupied over the summer. We couldn’t afford expensive theme park passes or summer camps. Instead, we invested in heat lamps and brooders and found books on chicken-raising at the […]

Suburban Chickens

I grew up in North Dakota and Montana and always felt I didn’t belong there. I was too cosmopolitan, too much like my German-bred mother in my appreciation for side-walk café’s and a closet full of pretty clothes to relate to the cowboys and ranchers I lived with who smelled like leather and tobacco, dirt […]