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Laurie C. Fisher, AIA is an award-winning California Registered Architect practicing in San Diego. Born a bon vivant, her main focus in architecture is in creating joyful environments, indoors and out. An avid cook and francophile, Laurie is able to impart her unique knowledge of culture, cuisine and entertaining to her projects. She can be reached at 619.252.2312 or laurie@lcfisher-architect.com.




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Convivial Families…Real or Myth?

I come from a family that loves to indulge, whether it’s food, drink or just celebration in general.  But, over the years, we sure can get tired of ourselves.   So I’ve come to realize that cycling through marriages and relationships as my brother and I have can be a good thing…. …especially after last night.  […]

A Chef’s Home to Inspire Your Own!

This weekend I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a fantastic party at the home of Chef Pascal Courtin.  As we mingled, ate fabulous food, drank refreshing original cocktails and sipped on wines and champagne, I began to take note of the spatial success that is Chef Pascal’s home. Starting out as a […]

Outdoor Kitchens – An Entertaining Staple in San Diego

Everyone knows that here in San Diego we probably have the best climate in the world.  Our nearly year-round ambient temperature doesn’t stray far from an ideal 72 degrees, so many San Diegans spend a lot of time outside. As an architect, I can’t think of one project that didn’t require an indoor-outdoor connection, especially […]

Convivial Spaces: Design for the Bon Vivant

Welcome to Culinary Creative, and to my new blog “Convivial Spaces: Design for the Bon Vivant”! Twice weekly, I will be posting a column discussing architecture and design, and how it relates to cuisine, entertaining and hospitality.  Things like spatial proportions, scale, lighting, acoustics and organization all have a role to play in helping our […]