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Jeniffer Thompson is an Author, Speaker and Internet Marketing Strategist; she teaches a series of Web Site WOW seminars that demystify Internet Marketing and offer step-by-step instructions that anyone, with any budget, can implement. Visit her website for useful blogging and marketing tips.




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San Diego’s Best Fish Tacos

A few years ago, when a friend of mine moved here from Phoenix she asked where to get the best fish tacos in San Diego.  It got me thinking, and recollecting, about a handful of go-to-fish-taco joints that I hadn’t visited since my 20s.  So I decided to take her for a trip down memory […]

The Riedel Low-Down: What a Difference a Glass Makes

Have you ever bought what you thought was a fantastic bottle of wine after a wine tasting, only to taste it later and think: “I must have been drunk, this wine sucks?”  I have.  More than I’d like to admit.  But, I’ve recently come to a startling realization: wine tastes best in the right glass. […]

Great Tastes at the San Diego Salt Farm

Salt. Glorious salt. Since the beginning of time … well, maybe not that early, but certainly as far back as 6,000 BC, salt has been an integral part of human history.  For me, I’ve really only come to know salt in my adult life.  As a child it was something that sat on the table […]

PASSION, turn to the left. PASSION, turn to the right. P-P-P-Passion Fruit.

It’s passion fruit central here at Culinary Creative. Recently, my husband and I moved into a new house. It’s a small house on a good-sized lot in the heart of South Park. Our yard has a huge, soon to be bountiful garden, as well as two fig trees, two guava trees, a mulberry tree, apple, […]

BRUNO – Napoletano Pizzeria

Good pizza! Before working with Pizzeria Bruno, I’d never experienced Napoletano pizza and so I was blown away by the flavor. They bake their pies in a wood-fired brick domed oven (which they had custom built in Naples, Italy).  The pizzas are cooked directly on the oven’s volcanic surface—and get this, the oven is more […]


Located in the heart of South Park, Alchemy brings the farm-to-table chickens home to roast. We’re pretty pleased too, because our office is right across the street and they have a great wine selection as well. At the risk of sounding like a booze hound (this is not a denial nor a confession, just so […]

Suzie’s Farm

Last year we decided to get on board with the CSA program at Suzie’s Farm, and we have been absolutely delighted with the quality and selection of fresh veggies and fruits. When I was a kid on the farm, my family always ate seasonal foods (that we grew) and so I’m pretty pleased to be […]

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Halcyon Tea

Halcyon Tea houses a tightly curated collection of teas and wares from around the world. They concentrate on the best quality products with no compromises, all while maintaining a commitment to free trade and sustainable items. Check them out online or pop in and say hello. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook […]

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