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Brendan Jude Liszanckie (Bread Whore): current culinary student/ex-English teacher/rabid Celtics fan/raging film fanatic/obsessive lover of music /jack-of-a-few trades/all-around semi-decent guy. Compelled to move to California due to Dre and Tupac's ode, I left Boston, migrated to LA, and got my Dangerous Minds on as part of the Teach for America program. After several years living in the LBC, I bounced around before ending up here in beautiful San Diego with my better half. And I as I embark on my culinary journey, I quote one of my heroes: "I’ve got plenty of common sense…. I just choose to ignore it.” So follow me down this rabbit hole as I freely pilfer from various literary grab bags and write about some of the amazing places and people here in San Diego, all of whom make eating/drinking in this town worthwhile.



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Bread Whore Explores El Cajon Blvd. Caffinated Pleasures

I really try my best to pound the pavement in search of new coffeehouses even if I have a chosen few I go back to time and time again (Influx, I’m looking at you.  Goddamn, your muffins, scones, and cupcakes are sinful!).  The few noteworthy coffee businesses mentioned below are worth your time and money. […]

Bread Whore Enjoys Some Cardamom

You have certain restaurants where you return for any myriad of reasons.  You attach some sense of comfort to the restaurant, a tranquility of place and being that you might be able to articulate or you might not.  Cardamom is one of those places I consistently find myself returning to dine (breakfast/brunch only), a place […]

Bread Whore Drinks in Moto

Logan Heights has a storied history as the epicenter for San Diego’s Latino culture, but a new culture seems to be brewing in the barrio: a coffee culture.  You want to drink independent, artisan coffee from local roasters?  You’ll find a triumvirate of java joints in Logan Heights:  Cafe Virtuoso, Ryan Brothers Coffee, and Cafe […]

Bread Whore Takes A Stroll Around Ave5

I’m cheap. I used to say I’m frugal; it provided a kind of gravitas, as if I were penny-pinching in order to stockpile enough money to write some astronomically large charity check in the name of some worthy, high-falutin cause. Like cancer research or urban education initiatives or bankrolling the next non-profit. I could also […]