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I’ve been alive for roughly 37 years now and have been shooting things for about 30 of them. When I was about 5 years old I had a slingshot. That worked out about as well as you can imagine. I was happily targeting cans when a small bird landed near where I was aiming. Not shooting with particularly rounded rocks proved the end of the bird as the projectile veered tragically off course. These days I have honed my accuracy and changed my weapon. Chad Thompson is a food photographer in San Diego, California.




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Knudsen Dairy

If you’re planning on throwing a retro themed event anytime soon you’d do well to avoid the old Knudsen recipe books. “The very best” indeed. I remember as a child my grandparents would try to hide carrots and various vegetables in my Jello but these recipes are far more egregious.     Bookmark on Delicious […]

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Who wants to relocate – to Antarctica?

There’s an add currently on Denver’s Craigslist for an Executive Chef at the “McMurdo Station Kitchen and two remote dining facilities”. If you have the qualifications and willingness to relocate why not apply? Apparently the nearest farm is in New Zealand (five hours by plane). Not very environmentally friendly but hey it’s Antarctica! Bookmark on […]

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Stone Brewing Company Store

Last night was the official grand opening of the new Stone Company Store in South Park. So I figured being in the neighborhood I’d see what it was all about. First I went to the actual store in the Rose Grocery Building (2215 30th Street). While waiting in line one of the employees mentioned that […]

6-minute Eggs

We just received our CSA box yesterday from Suzie’s Farm and inside were a couple of surprises. Firstly, garlic. I can not wait to tear into those heavenly cloves. Secondly were the onion sprouts. I never know what to do with sprouts so I just kind of throw them on everything until they’re gone. Well, […]

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Attention Vendors

There have been numerous times I’ve been at a Farmers market and just spent my last bit of cash only to find the extra sharp cheddar I’ve been looking for all my life. My choices are to find an ATM nearby or just leave all together. What do I usually do? Leave. Better for my […]

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Stupid Kitchen Gadgets

Throughout time man has had this tireless need to create. From Paleolithic cave paintings to household electrical current. One thing is for sure though some things just didn’t need to be made. Speaking of Paleolithic – sometimes you just need more weight to really smash that garlic clove. Behold The Homo Sapien. From simple to […]

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The Zen Master of fish cleaning

I thought I knew how to clean a fish until I saw this guy from Okinawa. Check out the extra cut in the tail to hold as he just yanks the fillet off. I’m curious to know if I can do this with smaller fish. Most auspicious. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on […]

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Improve your knife skills

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Eclipse Chocolat

There’s nothing I find more satisfying than going into an establishment and making beautiful photos quickly and with minimal styling. With minimal styling on my part you really get to see the dish the way a customer would. And that’s what I get to do on occasion for Eclipse Chocolat. Their monthly dinners (and Sunday […]

Fast Food Unwrapped

I grew up in a small town in the middle of Iowa. In this town I watched fast food used as a means to placate screaming children – myself included. These high calorie foods are now a source of comfort for adults who instill the same bad habits in their children. This epidemic is sending […]

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