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June 1st, 2011  |  Published in Feature, Learn

Square UpThere have been numerous times I’ve been at a Farmers market and just spent my last bit of cash only to find the extra sharp cheddar I’ve been looking for all my life. My choices are to find an ATM nearby or just leave all together. What do I usually do? Leave. Better for my budget and waistline but oh so sad. A new alternative is to swipe my card into you’re smartphone. Enter Square. It’s a tiny little dongle that plugs into your headphone jack and transmits my money securely to your account over your cell (or WiFi) connection.  The dongle and the app that runs it are both free though they do charge per transaction. Available for both iPhone and Android phones.

  1. Create a free account and connect it with your bank account.
  2. Receive your Free card reader.
  3. Download  the app.
  4. Start swiping and get paid now. They charge 2.75% for each swipe (with no contracts, obligations, or hidden fees).

I love it.  Are you using Square already? I’d love to hear how it’s working for you.


Chad Thompson

I’ve been alive for roughly 37 years now and have been shooting things for about 30 of them. When I was about 5 years old I had a slingshot. That worked out about as well as you can imagine. I was happily targeting cans when a small bird landed near where I was aiming. Not shooting with particularly rounded rocks proved the end of the bird as the projectile veered tragically off course. These days I have honed my accuracy and changed my weapon. Chad Thompson is a food photographer in San Diego, California.

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