About Culinary Creative

Design so good you can almost taste it!

I’d like to introduce you to Culinary Creative—more than a design firm—we are a group of local artists whose passion for and appreciation of great food shines through in every design we create, every photograph we take, and every review we write. That’s why we want to be the team you rely on to create exceptional culinary design to match your delectable culinary flavors.

At the core of what we do is a sincere passion for all things culinary and we are proud to be from a city that is making great culinary strides. In the past several years San Diego County has become an indelible hotbed of great tastes. From our local growers, farmers and ranchers to our beer brewers, importers of truly amazing tea and cheese, to our local artisans whose chocolate confections and rich flavors rival the best in the world—we all have two things in common: great tastes and perfect weather. We’re known for our weather, I think it’s time we are known for our food.

This site is dedicated to great food in more ways than one, we want to share the love and invite you to share your positive experiences with us any old time. Let us know when you find a great restaurant, or you just tasted the best fish taco ever, or you experience a fall-down-good bite of chocolate, if it’s that good, we want to know about it. Together, we’ll discover all things culinary creative and have a damn tasty time doing it.

Culinary Creative Team

We are blessed to have an established team of very serious professionals on our team (as is evident in this photo, yes?). This play on the American Gothic image is a photo of Anna (our project manager) and Julio (creative talent) that was taken by Chad after a client photo shoot. I love it because it shows a typical day in the office—we love to have fun and enjoy what we do, but sometimes you just have to be silly and try not to take yourself too seriously.

We invite you to stop by and say hi anytime (please bring chocolate…). Our office is located in the heart of South Park next door to Halcyon Tea, across from Alchemy restaurant.

As for the rest of the team: my name is Jeniffer Thompson, and I am the creative director and co-founder of Culinary Creative. My husband, Chad Thompson is our photographer and all-around-fix-any-issue-kind-of-guy—thank God, or Chad as the case may be….

Would you like to join our team?

We are always looking for Culinary Creative contributors who would like to join our team—so if you like to write, need a place to post articles, recipes, reviews, or anything culinary we would love to have you on our team. Give us a call today.